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A brand-new and most advanced paint protection system yet, still protecting the interior and glass, but now with a highly durable ceramic paintwork protection known as CeraFuse™


Their brand-new and most advanced paint protection system yet, still protecting the interior and glass, but now with a highly durable ceramic paintwork protection known as CeraFuse™. Innovated and manufactured in the UK, fully backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, for the duration of the ownership of your customer’s vehicle for a lifetime of flawless shine and superior protection.

Now with CeraFuse™ technology

CeraFuse™ is the ultimate in ceramic technology, it is precisely engineered by fusing reactive silicone polymers together to generate an impenetrable and highly durable barrier.

  • No change is required to the application method of LifeShine CeraFuse™, or the time needed to apply to the vehicle.
  • An upgraded complimentary Aftercare Collection with the latest Autoglym care products for your customers to help maintain protect their vehicle. This is all housed in their new re-branded, planet safe and a 100% sustainable recyclable carton.
  • The Lifetime Guarantee still has the level of cover you would expect with an Autoglym product, LifeShine CeraFuse™ is launched with the following enhanced benefits for your customer:
    • Transferable if sold privately within the first 12 months (£20 admin fee applies).
    • x 2 bird lime claims within the first two years of ownership.
    • x 2 dye transfer claims within the first two years of ownership.

PDI Application Products

As per the previous LifeShine, this product is fast and easy to apply, using a process of 3 protection systems which, is applied as a one stage application method.

  • Interior
    • Ultimate protection for fabric, textile carpets and leather upholstery.
  • Bodywork
    • An advanced ceramic barrier for a lifetime of flawless shine and superior protection.
  • Glass
    • Exceptional water repellence for side and rear windows.

Autoglym LifeShine Aftercare Collection – GOLD

The Autoglym Aftercare Collection will now be presented in a fully sustainable carton, featuring the new CeraFuse™ branding. The After Care Collection contains the following products to keep your customer’s vehicle flawlessly clean.

  • Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing – 500 ml
    • A fast tyre dressing that can be applied to wet or dry tyre walls to give a light sheen or matte finish.
  • Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner – 500 ml
    • An acid free wheel cleaner that quickly removes brake dust and road grime.
  • Autoglym Interior Shampoo – 500 ml
    • Quickly and easily removes stubborn stains from all interior fabrics and surfaces.
  • Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray – 500 ml
    • Rapid Ceramic Spray is a quick and easy way to add protection to your paintwork.
  • Autoglym Fast Glass – 500 ml
    • Fast Glass is a quick cleaner for glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic and plastic windows.
  • Autoglym Foaming Car Wash – 1 litre
    • A foaming shampoo that quickly removes everyday contaminants for a streak free finish.
  • Autoglym Autofresh – 500 ml
    • Everyone loves a great smelling car, and with Autofresh you get that every time you open the door.
  • Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes – 10 pieces in a packet
    • A quick, clean fix for a mucky job.
  • Autoglym Hi Tech Microfibre Cloth
    • 60 x 60 – Super flexible and can reach into the most awkward water trap areas.
  • Autoglym Jumbo Sponge
    • Super absorbent. Specifically designed for cleaning tough grime.

Autoglym’s approach to sustainability

  • All bottles and trigger sprays in Autoglym’s Aftercare Collection are fully recyclable.
  • All cloths and sponges are reusable.
  • ISO14001 and ISO9001 accredited.
  • Autoglym have reduced our clean water consumption in their manufacturing process by 50% since 2008.
  • Landfill waste reduced by approximately 50% since 2008.
  • Liquid waste by 43% in one year.
  • Introduction recycling for cardboard, paper, plastic, toners, wood, metal and packaging since 2002.
  • Ceased use of all Ozone depleting CFCs in 1992.

LifeShine now has a fully sustainable carton has reduced our carbon footprint by an impressive 290 Tonnes (manufacturing and all necessary transport).



  • Contains:
    • Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light, Hydrocarbons, C9-C11, n-alkanes, isoalkanes,
      cyclics, <2% aromatics, Dimethyl, (Aminoethylaminopropyl)methyl Siloxane, Trimethylsiloxyterminated

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